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This year’s winter Search Insider Summit was epic. We laughed, we cried (laughing), we argued and we built bonds that will continue to move the industry forward.


At a high level, here’s how I reflected on the Summit: Events, Trends, Opportunities.


For the bite-sized content readers, we’ve also created a snap-shot oriented recap on storify. And for those of you who know us, you know how much we love video, so here’s the event it is in all of its glory (and for friends and family bragging): Search Insider Summit Videos.



mediapostOf course no event could be complete without the sponsors that make it happen. At Boost Media we continue to invest in SIS to keep search, snow and eating like primal kings the forefront of attendees’ sustenance. With that in mind, here are memorable activities to revisit.


Powder – James Green and the team at Magnetic made it memorable this year by offering a ski competition that took on many forms. Meanwhile, as snowmobiling took the team to new heights, tubing took Search Insiders on a fun and relaxing winter run.


Drinks – Adobe, Magnetic, VerticalSearchWorks, Rakuten MediaFORGE and IgnitionOne provided our livers with ample entertainment and some fun schwag day and night both onsite as well as at the infamous No Name Saloon.


Eats – Without fail, Search Insiders ate quite well. From notable dining spots such as the Butcher’s Chop House to an incredible Fireside Dinner at Empire Canyon Lodge, Deer Valley Resort, excitement about cheese wasn’t only for taking pictures.


Spa treatment – For those too frozen to take to the outdoors, the Stein Eriksen Lodge offered a five star spa and yoga to sooth the chilliest of souls.



Data and customer-centric approaches push the envelop – Vikram Somaya at Weather Company taught us that data specialization through use-cases and pattern analysis can create unparalleled intent insights and opportunities. Cézanne Huq from Intuit told us how important . While Heidi from Girlapproved taught us that women evaluate 18 different aspects a man’s hair in order to qualify whether or not to date him. For men? You guessed it, just three. Connecting to the inner psyche of your searcher will change the game for you.

Ad products and offerings give search enthusiasts more: Hummingbird, PLAs, Enhanced Campaigns, RLSAs oh my. 2014 is all about implementing best processes and practices of 2013 experimentation. The audience agreed, all have helped and also hurt in some way.


Search and Social have more in common than you think. Well, kind of. Together, they can make respective campaigns more informed, and profitable. Rob Creekmore from Facebook pointed out that when marrying Search+Social, search marketers were able to see a 30% higher ROAS.


Mobile isn’t the endgame, it’s a conduit to better serve your prospects and customers. Providing relevant experiences and understanding how local drives mobile, and tablets drive e-commerce will allow searchers to drive more relevant experiences and create a win/win.


Search, the original gangster. In the new age, search has been hardwired into how we interact with our devices. It is a natural inclination that should be embraced through data and accessibility. As search pushes the envelope by blurring lines with social and adding arguably the most valuable data to any DMP stack, marketers are faced with more options. The key then is to best understand where your customers are engaging and support at scale.


While endless, there are few key themes to focus on for 2014. Clearly there’s an ever-evolving land scape that has searchers chasing the holy grail of ROI, yet as marketing becomes more sophisticated, many tout simplicity through strategy and a customer-centric focus to win big.

  • As Aaron Goldman posted on his biennial recap, there were a lot of buzzwords and trends to keep tabs on this year.
  • Mobile. As Mike Hurt’s data from comScore suggests it hot, as did the audience when they were keeping the twitter feed alive.
  • Ad products, new and old pose opportunities for differentiation, personalization and better ROI, while maneuvering through learning curves. While Google took away SEO keyword data and introduced how it drives better digital branding, Yahoo has had a hot year with new stream ads and their own PLA products
  • Big data + attribution – Old story, perpetual problem. Having a strategy and process ahead of time will yield infinitely better results than capturing everything and trying to sort it out. The tools are endless, yet the right model will set you up for success as a marketer both on the engines and in the board room.
  • Search and _______ – It could be social, it could be data, it could be new mediums, Understanding how and where your customers engage should be the foundation of any sound strategy for your brand.

After all that snow, I need a tan. See you in Florida this spring?


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