On Tuesday, May 19th, Boost Media and IgnitionOne hosted the first annual Smarter Search Summit at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco. The summit offered marketers unique insights into next-generation search and included keynotes, networking opportunities and a nighttime San Francisco Giants game experience. Attendees got a first-hand look at cutting edge search marketing strategies such as how to leverage data to target your audience with increased relevance and how to scale and optimize your ad creative to increase productivity among your internal marketing team members.


We’ve compiled the top 5 insights from this year’s Smarter Search Summit:


1. Creative Matters Most in Marketable Moments – In his presentation entitled “Marketable Moments Drive Creative Change,” Boost Media Co-Founder and CEO, David Greenbaum, highlighted how the prevalence of smartphone use has created mobile consumers who are living their lives transitioning seamlessly through the physical and digital world. The widespread adoption of mobile devices has provided marketers with unprecedented opportunities to connect directly with consumers – or infinite “marketable moments.” However, the aspect of search that consumers directly engage with ad creative has yet to adapt to the modern consumer’s needs. This results in consumers tuning out homogenous templated ad copy. David explains that the solution to this generally overlooked problem is to harness the scalability of algorithms (extensive framework) and the creativity of humans (intensive framework). Together, man and machine can continuously develop fresh ad creative that directly speaks to the constantly connected consumer.


2. Context is Key – Another compelling insight that David shared was that creating unique ad copy for each context your audience may be in is crucial. As more searches are being done on mobile devices rather than desktops, the context in which the searcher is can constantly shift from home, work and even on the go. Crafting personalized messaging by location and device will make your ad more relatable to the searcher and will elevate your ad copy above your competition’s.


3. Show Your Audience You Know Them with the Right Message – President of IgnitionOne, Roger Barnette, demonstrated that the power to know your audience is in the data in “Audience-Powered Search.” Gone are the days when search marketers had to guess what the intent behind a consumer’s search was after the fact. By combining first party data, third party data, engagement scoring and audience signals, the modern search marketer can target their audience with “scalpel-like precision,” allowing brands to deliver messaging that resonates with their consumers.


4. Think Outside the (Search) Box – Brian Utter, General Manager of Network & Demand Optimization for Microsoft, emphasized that consumers’ relationship with data continues to evolve with the proliferation of digital devices and services. As a result, these new scenarios and user signals are pushing marketers to think beyond keywords and into getting to know their audience like never before. Brian stated that 57% of consumers are more likely to pay attention to communications that are contextual and intelligent, so delivering messaging that resonates with consumers is key to capturing their attention in a busy device and channel ridden world. In addition, Brian offered three key themes to reaching audiences: context, relevance and warmth.


5. It’s the Little Moments That Count – In “Why Your Biggest Opportunities Come in the Smallest Moments,” Managing Director of Ads Marketing at Google, Matt Lawson, utilized real life ethnographic examples of the seemingly insignificant but constantly occurring moments when every day consumers rely on mobile devices to make purchases. We look at our phones over 150 times a day, which provides marketers with both an exciting new channel but a daunting task to reach consumers. Matt emphasized immediacy and relevancy as the two key aspects that marketers must focus on in order to catch the attention of mobile consumers. Finally, Matt covered best practices for developing compelling search creative such as including keywords in ad headlines, which sees a +15% increase in CTR.


The first Smarter Search Summit was nothing short of a success, and we’d like to thank our talented keynote speakers as well as all of our attendees for making the summit a positive experience. Until next year!


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