It is a fact that human brain does not keep anything for a long time because every second it is saving something new over the old. Same thing happens with your marketing campaign. Once you create interest among visitors regarding your products and services of online business, don’t assume you’re done with all the marketing strategies you need to do.  It is a normal tendency of the people to forget everything within a gap of the period.  Basically your visitors will forget you the second after they leave your site.

All your visitors need a gentle reminder along with your initial advertisement pitch.  Remarketing is necessary for all online businesses to compel customers to purchase your service if they haven’t in the past while they’ve been your site.  This post will teach you the best ways to remarket to your customers.  If you don’t know how to setup a remarketing campaign click here.  After you know how to setup a Remarketing Campaign, here are a number of strategies to make your services remarketable online.

1. Include All Visitors

Remarked to all visitors instead of being specific in selecting targeted visitors only.  Generate your Remarketing codes and put it on every page of your website. If you have maintained one standard footer template then all the things will get easier for you. Put all your Remarketing code on your homepage, because more customers enter into your site through a home page. By putting the code on every page it will help you to remarket to everyone.  This is the lazy route but at least it’s something.

2. Include users

When you are dealing with a number of product categories, you need to remake it more creative. Make it more interesting with innovative ideas. Change your strategy or modify your strategy to provide your Remarketing skills to outsmart your tough competition. There are users who won’t convert to your site, so emphasize more on your converted visitors to send private messages with a “Thank You” note. By remarketing to your current customers (even if it’s the same as everyone else) it shows them that you care.  It’ll help them to know that they made the right decision.  Heck, it might even get them to purchase more from you.

3. Include abandoned shopping carts

Sometime people don’t complete their purchase though they add items into their shopping cart. So re-engage your potential customers with strong call to actions to complete their purchase. Prepare a list of those people who have added to the cart for placing a tag on the view shopping cart page. Prepare another list of people, who have completed their carts. I also recommend placing a tag on the order confirmation page. Your prepared list allows you to remarket to those people who are listed on the shopping cart list instead of the order confirmation page.  By separating everything you can market to them in different ways.  Remember when you’re marketing to them that context is everything.

4. Include people who convert with upsell messages

If you have a converted users list then it will help you a lot. By advertising your products to customers you can offer them promotions or deals that they can take advantage of as customers.  Keep in mind that these people have already purchased something off your site.  They are 10x more likely to purchase something from you in the future if you’ve done a good job.  This will help you PPC remarketing efforts triple in a matter of a few weeks.

5. Target your users on monthly basis

Take an example of a group of users who typically look to buy games a month after their initial purchase but simply stop buying after 90 days. So you need to reach the user within 30 days of purchase, but you must meet them within 90 days. Prepare a Remarketing list to reconnect everyone, who has completed a purchase and set a 30 day membership duration. Now create a second list for utilizing the same tag with a 90 days duration.  Create a custom combination offer which represents all your listed people in the 90 days list instead of limiting in 30 days.  This will help you remarket to them in a different way!

Note down all these remarketing strategies to reconnect with all your customers, cause they will help you gain more online business.  If you have any questions you can always contact me at for more remarketing and PPC strategies!