We all know the value of paid and organic search in terms of the revenue and leads it drives. But there is hidden, often overlooked value from search data. For the next 5 weeks we will dive into how search data can inform each of the following areas:

  1. Product

  • Search query data can indicate what your customers like and don’t like about your product.
  • When designing a new product or refining product-market fit, overarching or vertical-specific search trends can be useful indicators to evaluate.
  1. Competitive Strategy

  • There is a goldmine of data available on your search competitors. By performing test searches on your brand or product keywords, you may find that your online competitors differ from brick and mortar competitors.
  • From the search engine results page (SERP) you can monitor your competitor’s value propositions, ensuring that you remain competitive.
  1. Branding

  • Brand search volume is an excellent yardstick for monitoring brand awareness and brand interest. Spikes in brand searches should follow advertising campaign pushes.
  • Paid search is an excellent way to take a data-driven approach to messaging and brand proposition development.
  1. Pricing

  • It is relatively cheap and easy to test different price points through paid search.
  • With paid search data, marketers can identify the most profitable price point and the best way to message pricing.
  1. Store Location Strategy

  • Search data is rich with granular geographic data that can be used to find out which zip codes are likely to be the most profitable for new store launches.
  • Search data can provide insight into the marketshare of foreign language speakers to help you identify whether or not foreign language support is likely to be a viable.

These are 5 ways in which search data can inform your overall marketing strategy. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an in-depth look at each of these points!


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