On March 3rd, Boost Media’s Head of Advertising, Chelsea Robinson, and Customer Success Manager, Erica Hasenbeck, visited the AdWords Solutions Lab at Google Headquarters. The Lab is currently being offered at Google offices internationally, and Boost had the privilege of being one of the first groups to participate in the program at the Mountain View offices. The Lab offers a unique opportunity for small-to-medium businesses to meet with AdWords Specialists, who will provide valuable insights into how they can improve their paid search marketing efforts.


Kathleen Kempe, the SMB Services Manager for North America Solutions Labs, described the program as a better way to interact with their clients and to educate them on the latest products and services.


“We started the North America Solutions Lab because it’s a great way for us to meet our customers face-to-face and understand their marketing challenges. We’re then able to transfer these learnings into our day-to-day interactions online or on the phone,” said Kempe.


After receiving a tour of the Google HQ campus, Chelsea and Erica met with a dozen Googlers – all AdWords Specialists ranging from 1-5 years experience – to begin reviewing Boost’s AdWords account. Boost first briefed the Google teams on the company and its overall marketing goals. Following the introduction, the Googlers delved deeper into the Boost account, including information about KPIs, targeting based on completion and methods for driving traffic.


After the Googlers had received enough information about Boost Media as an organization, they split into groups of three to individually review three of Boost’s AdWords campaigns. Each team generated and presented customized methods for improving Boost’s AdWords campaigns incorporating pain points, framing the solutions and managing expectations.


The Boosters then were able to choose which team was the most helpful during the experience. In addition, Chelsea and Erica collaborated with the AdWords specialists about which solutions would best optimize their account.


We as search marketers believe in the importance of understanding AdWords tools in order to better our own paid search efforts. The AdWords Solutions Lab offered a one of a kind experience to gain valuable knowledge and personalized advice about new product offerings in AdWords straight from one of the leaders of the search space. As Chelsea explains:


“The visit was both highly collaborative and relevant. As a company, we are constantly looking for opportunities to participate in sessions surrounding emerging trends and technologies in the online marketing world.”

We would like to thank Google for the amazing opportunity and look forward to applying what we have learned during the Lab to help our organization grow.



About Boost Media

Boost Media increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and a proprietary software platform to drive increased ad relevance at scale. The Boost marketplace comprises over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Boost Media optimization platform provides fresh, performance-driven creative in 12 localized languages worldwide.