Every month we bring you insights from our knowledgeable Customer Success Team. Today CSM Todd Burnham, who works with some of the largest advertisers in the US, shares insights for optimizing the long tail of a search account.

Most marketers today only have enough resources to focus their creative optimization efforts in the high-volume, profitable head of their account. The long tail of the account is thus typically a low priority for the busy search marketer. With the lowest performing ad groups and (usually) the lowest spend, the long tail is the elephant in the room that most marketers tend to avoid.


At Boost, we have found that addressing the long tail of an account can lead to significant performance lift from the low-volume, hard-to-find products.


We have several methods to address the long tail conundrum. One of these methods is a process called Winner Propagation. While conducting tests, Boost will begin to identify the CTAs, adjectives and phrases that increase performance in your account. Once we accrue this precise data, we scale the impact of Boost winning contests to the other low- volume ad groups.


We use winner propagations strategically in two different ways:

  1. We can take what we’ve learned in one search engine and apply it to another search engine. For example, if we find a series of ad groups that performed well across AdWords, we can put these same winners in place across similar ad groups in Bing and vice versa.
  2. Boost can also search for match types across one search engine and apply it to multiple similar ad groups.  For example, if your “Exact California” ad groups are seeing success, then you can apply the same principles to “Broad California”.


In all, winner propagation is an effective way to drive more success holistically across your account and different search engines.


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