If you’re involved in running or optimizing PPC Campaigns and you don’t read PPC Hero, you’re missing out.

PPC Hero was one of the original PPC blogs and remains the best of breed, as measured by popular opinion an every Top 10 list I’ve ever come across. Seriously, just Google “Top PPC Blogs” and you’ll find PPC Hero at the top of the organic search results.

OK, so that’s probably not news, but what IS news is that BoostCTR has finagled a $100 discount code for our readers to PPC Hero’s Hero Conference

2nd Annual Hero Conference — Just the Facts

  • Takes place Monday and Tuesday, April 8th & 9th with a workshop held on the 10th
  • Held in beautiful Austin, TX at the AT&T Conference Center
  • 100% PPC with 50 speakers, 200 attendees, 30 speaking sessions and 15 one-on-one workshops.
  • An Impressive List of Speakers and Experts, with (my own mentor & BoostCTR board member) Bryan Eisenberg keynoting on the first day.
  • A low speaker to attendee ratio of 1:4 for more one-on-one time
  • Early bird pricing offers a $100 discount, IF you order before February 8.
  • BoostCTR discount code of “heroconfboost” takes an addition $100 off, for a total discount of $200

If that sounds good to you — and why wouldn’t it? — you can register for the conference here. We at BoostCTR hope to see you guys there.