Make room pumpkin spice latte. It’s not just the start of fall: it’s kick-off time for the 2015 holiday shopping season. Twenty-five percent of shoppers say they complete some shopping before Halloween. This means it’s time for us e-commerce professionals to ring in the holidays. Boost Media is serving up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy ideas in this Holiday Marketeer blog series.

We will be playing ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ making sure you check everything off your holiday digital marketing list with a variety of topics. Check them out below.


Budget and KPI planning

Q4 means higher CPCs and CPMs, combined with extreme surges in available impressions and eyeballs. This means digital marketers need to plan budgets and targets with care. We will give you a budget planning framework you can hang your stockings on.


Analyzing last year’s results

If having a solid holiday strategy is like eating freshly baked cookies, then having a holiday strategy based on historical data is like having cookies with milk to dunk them in. We will write up all the tips you’ll need to make your holiday strategy delicious.


Planning around key dates

There are certain dates on the holiday e-commerce calendar we can anticipate every year. But other critical dates are harder to predict. We will share ideas on how you can prepare for those awkward white elephants that will inevitably crop up in your holiday workload.


Messaging strategy

At various points throughout the holiday shopping season, customers’ interests change like holiday party attire: From ugly holiday sweater-early-browsing to serious cocktail dress-price-comparing. Brands need messaging to keep up with customer’s changing interests. Boost will let you in on messaging secrets for every part of the 2015 holiday shopping season.


November and December testing guides 

Some of the highest impression days of the year blow through like a blizzard during the holiday shopping season. This makes for both great potential risks and rewards for conducting testing in Q4. Boost will explain how you can test and learn throughout the holidays to ensure your performance heats up like chestnuts roasting over an open flame.


‘Tis the season for mobile

Historically, showrooming has been a concern for brick and mortar retailers. Now, we know that half the shoppers who rely on their phones, like Rudolph’s shiny nose to guide their shopping, make in-store purchases. Boost will share ideas on how to optimize the mobile experience for the holidays.


Buy buttons

With the rise of digital wallets and social networks, the list of major media outlets like Pinterest and Google testing “buy” buttons is growing. This functionality presents the gift of opportunity for brands to grow their audiences. Boost will provide an overview of the available buy button options.


Holiday remarketing

As customers explore which gifts to buy for whom, retargeting can be used to tie up the 2015 holiday shopping experience with a bow. Boost will provide insights on how to frame your creative with beautiful ribbons that will convert the right customers at the right time.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday survival checklists

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest online shopping days of the year and have extended like an advent calendar to last a full month. With proper planning, brands can capture this massive revenue opportunity. Boost will help to ensure that you have dotted all your i’s, crossed all your t’s—and eaten all your chocolates.


Shipping cutoff day

Like Santa and his sleigh, Amazon has been the primary driver of the guaranteed Christmas shipping date, which usually falls around December 18th. This marks the final peak in holiday shopping sprees before Christmas. Boost will help you navigate a route to optimal holiday shipping messaging.


You are invited to join us in rolling out smashingly successful holiday digital marketing programs. Splash a little peppermint in that espresso and stay with us through this Holiday Marketeer blog series as we walk you through these topics and more!



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