Welcome to the Holiday Marketeer blog series in which Boost Media serves up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy ideas. In this installment, we review often-overlooked holiday e-commerce events that should be on your calendar.


E-commerce professionals are well-versed in planning ahead for days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Opportunistic brands can maximize Q4 revenue by preparing for other lesser-known, but still important events.


1. Pre-Halloween searching

Metric that matters. Costumes related to the movie Frozen were the most searched for last year, according to Google search data.

What it means for you. Savvy SEM professionals for frozen food brands would have needed to carefully add negative keywords to avoid spending on irrelevant clicks last year. The lesson for this year is that unless you sell something that could be used as a costume, preemptively add negative keywords like “costume.”


2. Pre-Thanksgiving pinning

Metric that matters. Forty-seven percent of Pinterest users begin holiday-related pinning before Thanksgiving, says Pinterest.

What it means for you. If you sell fashion, decor, food, or gifts, use Pinterest to get a sneak peek of what customers will be interested in buying for the holidays. Not only that, the pins themselves can give content marketers a strong sense of what type of content to produce.


3. Ugly sweater parties

Metric that matters. People pinned 3 million ugly sweaters on Pinterest last year. Google search volume on the term “ugly sweater” peaked on December 14th last year, a Saturday.

What it means for you. People are excited to shop for and share their ugly sweater selection on social media. If you fall into the specific niche of selling ugly sweaters, mulling spices, or Santa-shaped party trays, this would be a good event around which to test newer social shopping ad units like the Pinterest Buy Button or Facebook’s catalogue-style Canvas Ads.


4. Green Monday

Metric that matters. Green Monday, which falls on December 14th this year, is one of the top three biggest shopping days of the holiday season. Users are increasingly seeking out Green Monday deals, according to Google Trends.


What it means for you. Your customers are looking for Green Monday deals. Deliver what they’re asking for by bidding on search keywords modified by “Green Monday,” and test creative and messaging for Green Monday the way you would for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Release content and social posts associated with Green Monday, and test this content on your site.


5. In-store pick-ups

Metric that matters. Forty-six percent of people showroom, while 69% of people webroom, or “reverse showroom,” according to research by Business Insider. While not specifically a holiday e-commerce event, triggers like shipping cutoff days can spark increased activity from in-store pick-ups.

What it means for you. In-store pick-up is driving an increase in cross-over between online and offline shopping. Showrooming and webrooming are here to stay. Brands can embrace this trend by creating a mobile experience to augment in-store shopping with mobile sites or apps that help users compare prices, find in-store items, and mobile sites that help users find stores with the inventory they’re seeking.


These are just a few of the many holiday shopping events your brand can take advantage of to move the revenue needle in Q4 without breaking the bank on peak CPC days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What other holiday e-commerce events will you optimize for this year?


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