Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Creative Network. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week, Dylan Barmmer, pen name “wordisborn” who has been an active writer in the Network for over five years, explains how the surge of digital advertising parallels the growth of mobile marketing. 



Digital advertising and marketing continues to surge. And this rising tide continues to be led more and more by mobile marketing.


According to a recent report, global brand and retail spending on digital marketing will reach $200 billion in 2016 – with a good chunk of a 15 percent overall increase coming from marketing targeted to smartphones and tablets.


“Digital Retail Marketing: Loyalty, Promotions, Coupons & Advertising 2015-2019,” authored by Juniper Research, demonstrates that mobile and tablets represent nearly 70 percent of the overall increase in digital spend by American marketers.


As the Juniper report points out, marketing strategies and executions are increasingly shifting towards creating and delivering “campaigns with an omnichannel digital environment.”


Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices enable timely, targeted, personalized campaigns – which can enhance customer engagement while providing better data for analyzing the success of those campaigns. Mobile coupons also provide significantly higher redemption rates at lower costs than traditional coupons.


Looking down the line and into the future a bit, the report also highlights the impact that will be made by predictive analytics, which offers incredible potential for real-time tailored advertising and product promotion. The report also identifies “media meshing” as a developing challenge when it comes to developing marketing strategies, since a growing audience is increasingly using multiple screens, simultaneously, for activities which may or may not be inter-related.


As digital marketing strategies and executions continue to mature, they are predicted to shift from focusing on specific goals (such as increasing product awareness or driving in-store visits) to a more complex and comprehensive strategy that encompasses “the entire retail lifecycle.”


In the words of research author Dr. Windsor Holden:

“The beauty of mobile and online marketing channels is that they can play an active role throughout the retail lifecycle, from product discovery to product purchase, enhancing customer value through personalized promotions.”


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