Bil Keane, author of the comic strip, The Family Circus once said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it the present.”

Keane might have almost made a fantastic SEM data analyst. But he got one detail wrong. He should have said “now is a gift” instead of “today.” The “present” on our wish-list is improved mobile ad copy performance. In Keane’s honor, we give you a comic strip explaining how terms of urgency like “today” and “now” perform differently between mobile and desktop devices.

Pixton version*CPI refers to Conversions-per-Impression, a metric which takes both click-through-rate and conversion rate into account.

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Lessons for your CMO

  1. Look to SEM ad testing to understand device context. A search for “last minute San Francisco hotel” means something different to a laptop user in New York than it does to an iPhone user wandering the streets of San Francisco. Use large-scale SEM ad copy testing to uncover contextual differences by device to best craft your brand’s cross-device messaging strategy.
  2. Ask for cross-device messaging insights in conceptual chunks. SEM ad testing can be used to flesh out various cross-device messaging concepts such as urgency, call-to-action, value proposition, branded messaging, etc. Ask your team for insights relevant to concepts critical to your cross-device strategy.

Tune in next Tuesday for more CMO insights plus retail SEM ad copy benchmarks.


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