First, and as usual, pick the winning ad:

OK, so this week Ad B won. And here’s why:

Copy that engages the searcher’s imagination works better than copy that merely describes the product. And the better the copy causes the searcher to imagine using the product, the better the results. So when you compare the two ads on this basis you see that:

  • “Fix Mislabeled Songs” is a lot easier to picture than “Fix Mislabeled Music”
  • “Adding Album Art” to songs that are missing them is exactly how you’d picture doing it, whereas
  • “Filling In Missing Album Art” seems more abstract
  • And the whole process sounds easier and automated when you’re told that you’ll do it “in Seconds”

In other words, Ad B makes it easier to imagine using the software, and makes the software seen easy to use. So it wins, boosting CTR by a substantial 58% from a few very slight words tweaks