How Search Data Can Inform Your Product Strategy is part of a series on using search data to inform 5 key areas of your marketing strategy.

Are you researching the viability of a possible new product launch? Do you want to know what customers like and dislike about your products? Look at your search data! It can give you actionable insights to answer these and other questions related to product strategy.



How can you use search data to inform product-market fit?

Search engines periodically release insights based on overarching or vertical-specific search trends. For example, if you are developing a product related to mobile and the connected device world, you can garner useful information about potential customers from this Google infographic. Based on search behavior, Google has inferred that wearable technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile phones as the personal remote control for life are hot topics on people’s minds. Using search trends like this can help you to understanding what people care about so that you can hone in on a better product-market fit early on.

Here are two places to start researching search trends related to your product:



What do customers like and dislike about your existing products?

You can identify customer pain points, bugs, and potential new features to develop by analyzing search query data associated with your brand name. For example, if you are a software company with an increase of queries like “download [your brand] help” or “download [your brand] instructions,” you may have a user experience issue with the download process.

Similarly, if you are a restaurant chain and you recognize a rise in search queries such as “[your brand] brunch hours” or “[your brand] brunch menu”, you can discern that there is an opportunity to expand into serving brunch (assuming you aren’t already). In the image below from Google Trends, you can see that queries related to “brunch” are on the rise, particularly among the hungry city dwellers of New York.

Source, Google Trends. 4/23/14. Keyword, “Brunch”

Source, Google Trends. 4/23/14. Keyword, “Brunch”


Sidenote: In the past year, there have been changes to the way advertisers access search query data. But contrary to some rumors, you can still see it. Here’s how.



Search data can inform your product strategy

Looking at search data can tell you a lot about your product, market and customers. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how search data can inform your strategy around competition, branding, pricing and market expansion.



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