For the next 10 Tuesdays, Boost Media will be sharing secrets on how to derive executive insights from SEM ad testing. Moreover, we will provide benchmarks based on retail vertical data to answer questions like, “What is the number one worst word to include in SEM ad copy?” and, “How is this information actionable to my CMO?”

This week, we begin by sharing our framework for testing to lift performance while generating executive insights:

1. Test at scale

If you are testing only a few ad groups at a time, insights will only apply on a small scale and will be irrelevant to executives. Test on 20-40% of account spend.

2. Design tests on a macro-level

The traditional model of SEM ad testing is to use the same ad copy with only one variable difference between the A and B variations across ad groups. Boost Media uncovers definitive insights through copy tests with multiple variables.

3. Declare winners at the ad group level, analyze results account-wide

One common misnomer is that generating insights comes at the cost of performance. This is unnecessary. Continue to declare individual ad winners at the ad group level but conduct analysis at the account-level. To obtain valid results, be sure to compare ads that ran in the same ad group over the same period matched with the same keywords and bids.

4. Analyze results by phase of the customer purchase process

As marketers, we’ve all heard about the stages in the customer purchase funnel beginning with “awareness” and ending in “action”. Translate SEM ad test results into “CMO speak” using this paradigm. CTR in non-branded campaigns is a proxy for measuring upper-funnel “interest”. Conversion rate or conversions-per-impression (CPI) in branded campaigns is analogous to bottom-of-funnel “action”.

5. Build a library of insights and copywriting guidelines

Insights won’t do much good if you forget to apply them. Maintain a library of past learnings stored where ad copy writers will look before they write.

Tune in every Tuesday to see examples of how Boost Media uses this framework to capture executive-level insights!


About Boost Media

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