If you’re having trouble driving user engagement on Facebook, consider testing Facebook Carousel Ads: They have a 10-fold greater engagement rate than static Facebook ads. In case you aren’t already familiar, Carousel Ads allow you to cycle through multiple images, videos, and links within the same ad—both on Facebook and Instagram. There are important differences to understand between Carousel Ads on the two platforms and Boost Media is here to fill you in on the details.


Facebook carousel ad example

Here is an example of a Carousel Ad within the Facebook desktop news feed. Users can hover over the right-hand arrow to cycle through the images. Each frame includes a unique link to a different page on the site.


Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads Comparison

facebook vs instagram carousel comparison chart


Where to go from here

Now that you have a sense of the difference between Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads, it’s time to start creating your first Carousel Ads using specs that enable you to test them on both platforms. Once you have some data points, invest in creative more specific to the unique needs of users on each platform. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to create a Facebook or Instagram Carousel, reach out to Boost Media. We can help!