With consumer time and attention going mobile, marketers have been focused on driving mobile app downloads. What’s becoming increasingly difficult; however, is enticing people to continue using your app once it’s on their phone.


Your first response to these challenges might be to turn to tried-and-true app marketing tactics like app store advertising, search marketing, and in-app advertising. But you may want to consider testing Pinterest App Pins. App Pins are a type of Rich Pin, which allow Pinterest users to download mobile apps directly from Pinterest. The user experience is clean: users see an “Install” button within the Pin and are taken to the App Store download page.


Pinterest App Pin Screenshot

Metrics that Matter

People spend more time in mobile apps than they do watching TV

80% of the time people spend using mobile apps is limited to just 5 apps

26% of the time when an app is downloaded, it gets used only once


Driving app engagement through App Pins


In addition to using App Pins to drive new app installs, leverage them to keep existing app users engaged with your app. This can be done via mobile app deep-linking, which allows users who have already installed your app to be taken directly from Pinterest into a specific part of your app.


Pinterest suggests using a screenshot of the app as the image for your App Pins. But when trying to drive app engagement, be sure to use screenshots of the specific part of your app you want to direct users to. Consider overlaying messaging in the screenshot image to educate customers on when and why they might want to open your app.


Getting started with App Pins


As of March 2016, App Pins are only available on iOS in the U.S. Pinterest has announced that App Pins will become promotable on a CPA-basis, but the actual release has not yet been confirmed. In the meantime, you can create organic App Pins using a high-resolution screenshot of your app and setting the destination URL to your App Store page.


Where to go from here


Test App Pins organically to collect preliminary data to inform future promoted App Pin campaigns. Use App Pins both as a way to drive new app downloads and to keep existing app users engaged. For ideas on how other brands are using App Pins, check out this Pinterest Board from your iPhone or iPad.