Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Expert Marketplace. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week, Dylan Barmmer, pen name “wordisborn” who has been an active writer in the Network for over five years, shares about Facebook mobile ads.


In late July, social media titan Facebook announced that it had nearly tripled its second-quarter profit, clocking in at a mind-boggling $2.06 billion for the quarter. The world’s largest social network also announced that sales were up a staggering 59 percent in the period, reaching $6.44 billion for the second quarter.


“We had another good quarter,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told investors in the understatement of the century (or at least of the second quarter of 2016).
The reason for these staggering sales and plentiful profits? Much of the credit goes to surging mobile Facebook ad sales.


Mobile ad revenue represented around 84 percent of overall ad revenue for Facebook in the second quarter of 2016 – up from approximately 76 percent in the second quarter of 2015. Quarterly mobile ad revenue dollars hit nearly $5.42 billion.


A Growing Community


The surge in mobile ad revenue was also tied into a growth in the overall online Facebook community. During the second quarter of 2016, the Facebook community grew to encompass 1.71 billion monthly active users – a 15 percent growth from the second quarter of 2015. Mobile monthly users, meanwhile, grew 20 percent in the quarter to reach 1.57 billion in total.


Year-over-year, daily active Facebook users grew 17 percent to reach 1.13 billion, while mobile daily active users were up 22 percent to total 1.03 billion.


Facebook is also managing to monetize its growing community. In the second quarter, it achieved $3.82 average revenue per user – up from $3.32 per user in the first quarter of 2016.


According to industry analyst eMarketer, Facebook will rake in just under 68 percent of all advertising dollars allocated to social media in 2016.


Regardless of this incredible success in recent months, Facebook’s overall ad landscape remains somewhat in flux. Amidst all that second-quarter growth, Facebook officially ended its FBX ad exchange and LiveRail programmatic video ad exchange. It also began aggressively building out the Facebook Audience Network, which reaches far beyond the borders of Facebook’s network of sites.


How About YOUR Mobile Ads?


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