Do you live and breathe social media advertising? Think you can out-smart all of the social gurus? We have a contest just for you.

Last week, our partner Marin Software launched the SMX Biggest Social Geek Contest. As the name suggests, it is a quest to find the biggest social geek. Here’s how it works. Contestants take a 20-question quiz, and the geek to answer the most questions correctly in the least amount of time wins.

And there are prizes.

First place wins a trip for two to SMX Social and a choice between an iPad Mini, Playstation 4, or an Xbox One. Regional winners and the top fifty finishers receive swag as well. SMX Social, a social media marketing conference which takes place in Las Vegas from November 19-20, covers how to get the most out of social marketing, from driving traffic to managing paid campaigns.

More than 2,500 digital marketers across the globe competed in last year’s contest, and this year the competition for the title of Biggest Social Geek is only going to get tougher.

The contest will run until October 31 and is open to contestants in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Enroll here and may the biggest geek win!

Image courtesy of  Marin Software


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