There’s a saying among marketers that it’s cheaper and easier to drive revenue from current customers than it is to acquire new ones—yet when it comes to driving revenue via mobile apps, many marketers are struggling. Boost Media shares a Q&A to help you understand how to drive mobile app engagement through Facebook and Instagram app advertising.


Metrics that matter

  • An estimated 25% of users abandon an app after only one use; earlier statistics paint an even bleaker picture.
  • Facebook and Instagram have a combined audience of around 1.8 billion mobile users.

Given the vast Facebook and Instagram audiences, it stands to reason there’s ample opportunity to re-engage with those 25% of users to raise your ARPU (average revenue per user) through Facebook and Instagram mobile app advertising.


Q&A: Facebook and Instagram mobile app advertising


Q: How does Facebook and Instagram mobile app targeting work?

A: As with other Facebook or Instagram ad units, you can use any type of targeting such as interest or look-alike targeting. But if your goal is to drive app engagement, you’ll need to create custom audiences by app activity, which will enables you to target users who have opened but abandoned your app, visited a particular page within your app, etc. To set this up, you’ll need to first have the Facebook SDK implemented in your app for iOS or Android and then you’ll need to specify events.  


Q: How does Facebook and Instagram mobile app bidding work?

A: App ads utilize the same auction-based CPC bidding model as other ad types.


Q: How do you access and manage Facebook and Instagram mobile app ads?

A:  Ads on both platforms are managed through the Facebook Ads Manager.


Q: Can you also drive new mobile app users through Facebook and Instagram mobile app ads?

A: Yes, both Facebook and Instagram offer mobile app install and mobile app engagement ad types. We just focused this post on app engagement because it’s such a big challenge for many brands.


Q: What is the Facebook and Instagram mobile app ads user experience like?

A: App adds look similar to other ad units except they contain a button with a call-to-action like “Use App (for current users) or “Install” (for new users), which opens the app on their device and takes them to the specific page within the app you’ve specified as the destination. In the event that you’ve targeted someone who doesn’t already have the app installed, they will be taken directly to your App Store or Play Store page to download the app.



IMG_5358Instagram mobile app install ad


Q: Can you share some tips to help me get started with Facebook and Instagram mobile app advertising?

A: Yes! Stay tuned next week. We’ll dive in with quick tips!

Where to go from here

If a mobile app is central to your business model or marketing strategy, figuring out how to improve app engagement and ARPU are critical. Facebook and Instagram mobile app engagement ads are an important piece of the puzzle. If you find that getting new ad creative is a roadblock to testing and driving mobile app engagement, don’t hesitate to reach out to Boost Media. We can help!