The holidays are fast approaching and it is that time of year when marketers are finishing up analysis of Cyber Monday performance, swapping out free shipping cutoff promo messaging and writing “top 10” roundup blog posts for 2014. In this spirit, I give you the tenth and final installment of Boost Media’s Ad Copy Testing Insights for your CMO: A roundup of ten insights derived from 1.3 billion impressions from 250,000 ad. Without further ado:


1. Creative testing is not only a way to lift SEM performance; it’s a way to generate data-driven business insights.


2. Use SEM ad creative testing to identify deadweight words and phrases. Then, eliminate them from your brand’s marketing vocabulary across all channels.


3. There is a sweet spot between too much white space and too much text. SEM ad creative testing can help you understand how your audience responds to whitespace.


4. The same call-to-action can perform differently depending on the user’s device context. Design SEM ad creative tests in a way that will inform your device-specific messaging strategy.


5. Forget expensive market research and audits; look no further than your own SEM ad creative test results to uncover the optimal price point and discount messaging for your products.


6. Not all call-to-action verbs are created equally. Generally, the terms which perform best are more directly focused on the customer and their needs.


7. Not all adjectives are created equally. Test different verbiage on a large scale within your SEM program to yield statistically significant insights that can be applied and tested in other marketing channels.


8. Customers want choicebut not too much choice. “Select” different “options” on verbiage to “choose” from when setting up ad creative testing experiments. You may just uncover a “variety” of ways to message “choice.”


9. Remember; what is true of the whole isn’t always true of each part. It is important to hire data-literate employees and vendors who apply rigorous  techniques of statistical analysis: There are different ways read the same dataset and interpretation can impact your decision-making.


10. As explained in the introductory blog post of this series, it is important to make SEM ad creative decisions based on granular ad group-level data. But when account-wide testing is properly designed and the data is appropriately analyzed, you can extract overarching insights that rally your team to take cohesive action on a macro scale.


Thank you for joining us on this 10-part journey where we have revealed data-driven retail executive insights. If there is one takeaway to learn from this series it is that SEM ad creative testing isn’t just a tactic to improve performance ad-group-by-ad-group. It is a critical part of understanding how a brand can best communicate to customers. In the process, it happens to lift performance handsomely!


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