Welcome to the Holiday Marketeer blog series in which Boost Media serves up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy. In this installment, we talk about holiday remarketing use-cases and creative testing ideas.


‘Tis the season for price comparing and deal hunting. This can lead to a lot of work and stress for customers, and can rack up high media costs for advertisers as customers click during this high CPC time of year. Remarketing, which tends to have lower CPCs than SEM, is a great tool to help convert indecisive shoppers who are waiting for a better deal.

Boost’s Holiday Marketeer shares key use cases for holiday remarketing, including examples of ad creative tests you can use to move the needle.


  1. Convert early shoppers

The early bird shopper gets the worm—even later in the holiday season. Remarketing is the perfect vehicle to re-engage early shoppers with discount-focused creative.

Metric that matters. 29% of holiday shoppers start shopping before Halloween.

What it means for you. By now, you have sizable cookie pools of potential customers who have been to your site, and who may or may not have already made a purchase. This presents an opportunity to get those early shoppers to come back and purchase, especially during big promotional events.


Sample holiday remarketing test

Hypothesis. Customers have built their holiday shopping lists and are ready to buy, but are waiting to see if a better deal will come around.

Test plan. Create a sense of urgency and give customers a reason to convert now by creating messaging and promotional events with discount messaging, plus limited-time and lowest-price guarantee messaging to counteract procrastination.


  1. Upsell big-ticket, non-gift items

Although the holidays signal the season of giving, we’ve all got our eye on something we’d like for ourselves. Consumers look at coveted big-ticket items early and often for price drops.

Metric that matters. 50% of holiday shoppers plan to “splurge on non-gift items for themselves.”

What it means for you. People looking to make big purchases are conducting premeditated research. Remarketing is the ideal vehicle to reach, engage, and convert these customers.


Sample holiday remarketing test:

Hypothesis. By the time Black Friday rolls around, the only excuse people need for a self-indulgent purchase is assurance they are getting the best combination of low prices, ease-of-purchase, and brand reputability.

Test plan. Test creative that combines Black Friday deal messaging with a call-to-action to indulge in big-ticket, non-gift purchases before it’s too late to take advantage of holiday savings.


  1. Share gift card options

As the days remaining on the Advent calendar become few, time to shop for friends and family runs short. One of the easiest, most crowd-pleasing last-minute gifts to give are gift cards.

Metric that matters. Holiday shoppers spend more than $31 billion per season on gift cards.

What it means for you. As the holiday season progresses and shoppers miss the deadline for ordering gifts with guaranteed delivery before Christmas, there’s an opportunity to sell gift cards like hot cakes.


Sample holiday remarketing test

Hypothesis. Customers who have already made a purchase inevitably forget someone on their shopping list until it’s too late to order a gift.

Test plan. In the days leading up to Christmas, test creative around concepts like, “it’s not too late” and “did you forget someone important on your list?” to remarket holiday gift cards to customers who have already made a purchase from your site.

The holiday shopping season is like a stocking overflowing with holiday remarketing opportunities. Take advantage by testing variations of ad creative that target the early shoppers, the big-ticket item seekers, and the last-minute gift card buyers.


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