Believe it or not, it’s time to start preparing for the 2014 holiday season. We know it’s only September, and we agree November and December feel light years away. However, to get more online sales this holiday season, smart marketers start prepping now before the holiday frenzy is underway. Last year, online shopping sales hit $1.96 billion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and $2.29 billion on Cyber Monday (sources: TechCrunch, Adobe). That’s nearly a 20 percent increase from 2012, so investing time into your holiday strategy early on can have a big impact on dollars later. Here are three quick tips to consider implementing into your holiday strategy now.

  1. Analyze Last Year’s Reports Numbers are power. Last year’s data should impact this year’s business decisions and budget allocations. Spend time now running performance reports by day from the 2013 holiday season. Research when users were searching and buying, and apply this information to this year’s overall bid modification strategy to help make bids more competitive and lucrative.
  2. Prepare and Increase PPC Campaigns Get a head start over your competitors and start creating new landing pages and building PPC campaigns now. This will create less work for you and your team during the mad holiday rush, and enable you to start optimizing those campaigns immediately when the time comes. When the holiday season arrives, all you have to do is hit start on your campaigns. Also, consider increasing the number of campaigns you launch during this time. As retailers increase SEM campaigns during the holiday season, the overall cost per click rate drops despite the increase in competition. Take advantage of the lower drop in cost by extending SEM campaigns without exceeding your normal budget.
  3. Start Testing Now It’s no secret that tests take time to set up, run and analyze. Waiting until November to begin the process will be too late. Test your ad copy, landing page buttons, and display now, so that when the holidays come you’ve already optimized and can successfully convert holiday shoppers. Get testing and get the most out of your online sales this year.


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