NOTE: As we announced yesterday we’ll be becoming more active here on the blog. The following post is the first in a series of weekly installments reviewing the highest percent increase amongst BoostCTR writers on the Boost platform. Each week we’ll not only show the best percent increase, we’ll also dissect and analyze why the winning ad actually won, providing readers with a series of real-life examples of what works, what works better, and why when it comes to ad text optimization.


During the past week, BoostCTR writer “wordisborn” was optimizing for Boost CTR client Hunch, a personalized recommendation that helps users answer questions like “what should I eat for dinner?” and find things like the best women’s hipster clothing. One of wordisborn’s ads got one of the biggest wins with a 94% improvement over Hunch’s control ad for popular digital cameras.


You can see the new champion on the left and the old control on the right:




So why did the ad written by “wordisborn” perform so much better?


While I can’t say for sure, I can make some educated guesses.

  • “Top” is a shorter, easier word to read than “Popular.”
  • Starting the second line with the number 101 may be visually more noticeable to searchers and draw their attention faster.
  • The phrase “See which is best” promises a clear outcome, while the phrase “Get a customized result” is slightly ambiguous.

If I were to draw a conclusion, I’d say the reason the new ad won by such a large margin is because of clarity. It was simply a more clearly written ad — and thus significantly improved the click-thru rate for Hunch.


ryan-healy About the Author: Ryan Healy is direct response copywriter and BoostCTR’s Director of Writer Development. Since 2002, he has worked with scores of clients, including Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Pulte Homes. Visit his business growth blog to read more than 300 articles on business growth, advertising, and copywriting.