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When you jump on Twitter, you’re basically looking to be distracted. Sure, you’re also hoping to distract someone else with your own broadcasted thoughts, quotes, and hyperlinked articles, but you’re basically open to what’s out there, waiting for you in the tweet-streams of those you follow.


But when you log onto Facebook, you’ve already decided what you wish to be distracted by — you want to spend some time catching up on the happenings of your Facebook friends.


This is an entirely different mindset and it’s one of the main reasons why Facebook Advertising is such a challenging art: people don’t want to be taken away from the Facebook experience they are already having, so enticing them to click away requires all the attention grabbing, curiosity inspiring, and make-’em-an-offer-they-can’t-refuse artistry the ad writer can muster.


And that’s one reason that ads promising to keep the reader within Facebook’s walled garden tend to outperform ads linking to an exterior landing page.  And also why Jeff wrote that ads portraying video functionality and linking to within-Facebook videos would probably work even better (even if the video played on a fan page rather than within a pop-up window)




Because a short video is the ultimate disruption ad.


It doesn’t take you away from the Facebook experience, it only plays for a minute or two, satisfying your curiosity, and then lets you get back to catching up on status updates and such.


And if you think this is just so much theory, check out this Facebook ad for Ford:



First of all, Bravo for using the incredibly powerful “Sponsored story” feature to give the ad endorsement and word of mouth appeal.


But look at the ad itself: boom, a big play button tucked into the bottom corner, with the offer of “Watch now.”


And what happens when you click?



You get to watch the video in a pop-up screen — same way you would see a friends pictures if you clicked on them.



It’s a perfect interruption and branding-based ad for Facebook. You get to watch the ad, satisfy your curiosity, and go right back to the Facebook experience. No fuss, no muss.


Plus, you get all the targeting power of Facebook, all the persuasive appeal of TV spots/video, and all the engagement-potential of digital ads. What’s not to like?


So what’s stopping YOU from running Facebook Ads like this?