The folks at were nice enough to spend some time talking to Boost Media co-founder Rob Lenderman about the Boost Media platform, writer network, and ad copy in general. You can read the full interview at Ad Exchanger but here are the questions Rob answered:


  • Isn’t the importance of CTR “dead”?
  • What problem is Boost solving?
  • Who is the target market from the advertiser point of view? Agencies, SEMs directs?
  • Please discuss the competitive set and how Boost Media will differentiate.
  • What is your sense of some of the key considerations that copywriters have in building a successful career? How does Boost Media help?
  • How do you curate your list of copywriters -who’s right for Boost Media? And then what is their compensation – and long term recurring revenue?
  • Why is crowdsourcing seeping into the ad business in your opinion?
  • Any plans for boosting beyond the clickthrough rate? How about decreasing the CPA, etc? Or crowdsourcing copywriters for tasks other than search ads?
  • A year from now, what milestones would you like the company to have achieved?


And some of the team at Boost Media was also included in an outstanding group interview over at the Click Equations blog – the first question was What are the Biggest Testing Mistakes? and they’ll be publishing a new question every day this week, so be sure to stay tuned. The series is in honor of their new Text Ad Zoom feature, which (along with the Click Equations platform) is well worth checking out if you’re managing large paid search campaigns.