Wow!  Rob, Tom, Key, Ron, Vince and I have poured our hearts into Boost for two years now.  We are finally ready to take the wrapper off the site, and introduce it to our first paying customers.  We’re very excited about the product and to begin helping our customers improve their ad text performance.  We have bootstrapped the company for two years, without taking any outside investment, which is a considerable feat.  The upside of this is that we are masters of our own destiny.  The downside is that we are running things on something of a skeleton crew – so it may take us longer than we would hope to implement new features and functionality.

The current Boost site represents a baseline tool that we know works to improve performance.  There is a lot of functionality that we intend to roll out over the coming months.  We really look forward to feedback on which features you would find most helpful.

Also, we want to give a heartfelt thanks to our awesome advisors: Ben, Brad, Matt, Satya, Randy and Yatin. We appreciate your help from the bottom of our heart!