As new a field as Facebook Advertising is, there’s no shortage of “traditional wisdom” and best practices for creating ad content. One such rule of thumb states that images with human faces do better than not.


And for the most part, that’s true: human beings are hardwired to pay attention to faces. So pics with faces grab our attention. But that bit of best practice wisdom has to be applied with regard to context. Faces aren’t universally appropriate for all ads.


Also, faces are not the ONLY attention grabbing trigger that can be brought to bear. In fact, on a page with more than a few ads featuring pretty faces, this non-face ad grabbed the most attention from this particular Facebook browser:




So why is this ad so attention grabbing?


One word: Alarm


At BoostCTR, we leverage 7 or more attention triggers for Ad Images and Headlines, and Alarm is one of them. Just as we are hardwired to pay attention to faces, the same is also true for threats. Survival instincts and all.


So when we see that big old police car we naturally look to the headline for context: is this a threat WE need to be concerned about.


The guess what: the headline is specific to my state – yikes! I guess it is something I should look at. Now the body copy is a bit of a non sequiter, as it had almost nothing to do with the image, but the point is that I still ended up READING the body copy, which is often half the battle for Facebook Ads.  And since cheap auto insurance is a universal enough need or want, I’m betting the ad did OK for


What do you think, would you have checked out that ad?