Which digital marketing trends are in for 2017 and which are we seeing fade away?

In: Mobile Consumerism

As our lives become more connected than ever before, consumerism continues to change at an almost alarming pace. It is estimated that 80 percent of mobile users check their mobile devices within the first 15 minutes after they wake up, 79 percent of them use these devices in shopping activities and more than 70 percent of these consumers use their mobile devices in the store. Targeted marketing on social media is more advanced, online shopping apps are easier to use and consumers are more willing to purchase from their phone while commuting to work more than ever. This means that mobile based marketing will be king in 2017.

Out: Wordiness

Visual marketing is proving to be better embraced by younger generations of consumers than words more than ever before. Studies show that having videos on a site can bring 157%  increase in organic traffic from search engines. With more visual mediums and easier accessibility it will be imperative to give your visuals just as much as attention as your taglines.

In: Influencers

It’s common knowledge that social media has become a societal force to be reckoned with in recent years. Artists use it as a inflammatory medium, businesses use it for analytics and the President uses it to provoke the masses. In terms of digital marketing, the leaders of this “new branding world” are social influencers who drive consumer opinions. It is estimated that 50% of brands will significantly increase their investment in 2017. So look to this new form of marketing to have a big impact moving forward.

Out: Pop up/Interstitial ads

Millennials were raised to avoid cheap, gaudy advertising at all costs so pop ups are something they instinctual dodge often before the content can even load. This trend continues with the theme that people are expecting more from digital marketing campaigns. Look for the decline in pop up ads to continue in 2017 especially as Google implements its new policies on the matter.

In: Smart Gateways

People want appealing ads that have strong, simple visuals to make you feel comfortable clicking on them. This year will show a rise in gateways that take you to a page that doesn’t immediately pan you with a sign up screen but rather continues to show you more of the product or service offered. One should not have to feel like they have taken a misstep from the comfort of their social media routine by selecting marketing material that is geared towards them anyway.

Out: Stagnant Content

Most consumers are now aware that a lot of what they see in terms of marketing has been specially curated for them based on their activity and interests. However studies show that they still like to be engaged by this marketing material. 93% of marketers feel that interactive content is effective in educating buyers, and 88% feel it differentiated their businesses from competitors’. It is a fun way to give your business more personality.