It’s time for our ‘Wins of the Month’ roundup, where we take a look back at the PPC Text Ad Wins of the Week for July to offer a little recap for those who may have missed them.


This month’s theme revolves around rules, and knowing when to break them.


Our first Win of the Week focused on following the rules, even in subtlety, and seeing a payoff. Ryan’s winning ad came out with a 20% higher CTR than the reigning ad for vertigo relief, and his methods for creating a winning ad relied on really looking into the finer nuances of writing a solid PPC ad, and following some rules that generally bring success, such as:


  • Splitting body copy evenly between the two lines instead of breaking up a sentence

  • Putting yourself in the viewer’s shoes and figuring out what solution they really want (in this case it was ‘fast relief’ from vertigo symptoms)
  • Countering skepticism of first-line claims with a supporting second-line statement


Ryan had a good challenge here because the ad he was trying to beat was already a well-composed ad, but he did it!


The second Win of the Week for July took a totally different approach by showing that sometimes, when you break the rules of PPC ad writing, that’s ironically what will put your ad at the top (though certainly not always!).


Ryan saw a 180% improvement in ads by user ppcninja for the Shakeology brand of protein shakes with some changes that provided an unexpectedly high return:


  • NOT using the words “official site” in the title
  • NOT using punctuation at the end of the second line.


You can read more of Ryan’s post to find out why he thinks these choices worked for this ad, and some other tidbits about the losing ad that contributed to its weakness when compared with the winner.


That’s it for this month’s Wins of the Month roundup! Keep an eye out for our Wins of the Week on the blog, and we’ll have another roundup ready for you in September.