If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll notice that we regularly publish a series called “PPC Ad Text Win of the Week“, in which we pit two PPC ads head to head and see which one has a better conversion rate. Starting this month, you’ll also see a monthly roundup highlighting the wins of the week for the month all in one spot, so if you missed one in June, you can catch up on the results right now!


For this month’s roundup, our Wins of the Week had a few recurring themes, and we settled on title wording. With so few characters to use, it really comes down to choosing your words wisely to get the most out of your ads, and the title is the first thing to grab your reader’s attention.


In our Win of the Week post highlighting a 180% improvement for “memory games”, both ads used DKI in the title, but the winning difference came down to the wording. “Keyword: Stop Forgetting Things” vs. “Keyword: Stop Forgetting Stuff“. In the end, “stuff” won because it’s more closely relatable to both physical and intangible things (like events or people’s names).


Our biggest win in Win of the Week history happened with two ads about selling gold, and again, the title was the real CTR boost. The winning ad directly addressed its target audience “First-Time Gold Buyer”, whereas the losing ad had a more salesy tagline “Buy Gold the Smart Way”. The losing ad used DKI whereas the winning ad did not, proving that DKI isn’t always the better choice.


In this Win of the Week about “stylish wooden furniture”, we see just how important wording becomes when personal taste is involved. The titles in these ads were actually identical at “Stylish Wooden Furniture”, but the bad wording in the losing ad here came in the first line of ad text after the title — “Stunning Chunky Unique Designs”. There are too many adjectives, words that don’t particularly flow naturally, and the reader is left feeling confused trying to picture exactly what stunning chunky unique designs would even look like.


This Win of the Week ad for Hip Hop Abs© Workout was subtle, but again, it came down to the title text. The losing ad’s title said “Get Hip Hop Abs© Workout”, and the winning ad eliminated the word ‘get’ so it read just “Hip Hop Abs© Workout”. Since the product is a copyrighted brand name, the person searching for it is already familiar with the term. It doesn’t hurt that the winning ad was also created by the official site for the product, and the losing ad added unnecessary adjectives like “sexy” and “dance” that don’t appeal as strongly to the male market, thereby reducing their potential audience by nearly half.


Our final Win of the Week is for our own ads! One ad had very short copy and the other had long copy, which was a huge factor in its success (the long copy won). But again, title text was a really important factor here. The losing ad simply said our brand name, which in our case wasn’t better than the alternative – “Want Better PPC Ads?” We called out to our target readers and then followed up with supportive facts and figures and a guarantee. If the title wasn’t snappy, though, our readers might never have made it to the ad text, and then, most importantly, to our link.


That’s it for June’s Win of the Week roundup! Keep your eye out for more Wins of the Week this month and another roundup in early August.