Our friends at WordStream have been working hard to release a brand new free PPC tool today called the WordStream Performance Grader for Google AdWords campaigns. With the tool, advertisers are able to see a ‘snapshot’ of their ad campaign performance based on a variety of criteria. This helps advertisers to identify where they need improvement, and also how to improve their ppc campaign performance in a number of different areas.


As you can see from the sample report screenshot on website, the AdWords Performance Grader tool returns a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate ‘report card’ comparing them to other people in their ad spend category. This gives advertisers insight into things like their Quality Score, potential for better ad spend management and amount of wasted ad spend, click-through rate, ad text optimization, long-tail keywords, landing page optimization and more–each with a convenient “improve now” button to make it simple to take your PPC account to the next level.


There’s even a section on PPC best practices with an easy thumbs-up/thumbs-down evaluation for key aspects of effective PPC management strategy. Advertisers can look through the list and self-assess, pinpointing areas that either need improvement or that they might not even have thought of implementing before.


With our focus on ad text optimization and ad writing techniques, we’re really excited about the help this tool can offer PPC advertisers as they work on more efficiently managing their PPC campaigns and improving their ad text writing techniques. Congratulations to WordStream on a great new free PPC tool! If you’re ready to try it, head over to the PPC Performance Grader page and see how your account measures up!