We’re excited to announce a partnership between Boost Media and Marin Software. Marin is one of the largest online advertising platforms on the planet, and we’re excited to be able to introduce the Boost Media solution to the Marin customer base. I’m including the press release below, and if you’re a Marin user interested in giving Boost a try, a Boost user interested in learning more about Marin, or a software provider interested in learning more about how Boost Media may be able to help your customers’ pay-per click performance please drop us a note.


Marin Software, provider of the leading online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies, and ad creative optimization firm Boost Media today announced a partnership through which Marin customers will be able to utilize Boost Media’s ad-optimization services. Marin customers will now be able to more readily leverage Boost Media’s network of expert PPC ad professionals and testing technology to improve ad copy and marketing campaign results.


Optimizing ad copy is an ongoing challenge for many advertisers. Boost Media offers marketers a network of hundreds of professional copywriters, who use Boost Media’s platform to create ads for both Facebook and AdWords. Boost Media compares the performance of its ads side-by-side with the current ones, and picks winners based on proven algorithms. On average, Boost Media clients experience a 30 percent increase in sales volume. Through Marin Software’s partnership with Boost Media, Marin customers can economically and systematically improve SEM ad copy, leading to higher user engagement and improved campaign performance.


W3i, a leader in monetization and user acquisition services for consumer apps, saw strong results from participating in a pilot program between Marin Software and BoostCTR.


“We experienced dramatic improvements in click-through rates, revenue and costs per acquisition through Boost Media,” said Michael Liebelt, senior marketing manager at W3i. “Marin Software’s innovative ad management platform combined with BoostCTR’s expert ad copy optimization services prove to be invaluable to our marketing efforts, delivering significant gains in our ad campaigns. We’re excited to be able to leverage the BoostCTR writer network as an extension of the features and functionality provided by Marin.”


“Constantly writing and testing ads across multiple campaigns and at scale is a major pain point for online advertisers and agencies,” said Matt Lawson, vice president of marketing and partnerships at Marin Software. “We’re excited to be able to introduce Marin customers to Boost Media’s solution. Boost Medianot only consistently generates improvements in click-through rates, sales volume, and return on investment, but they also operate seamlessly with Marin’s platform.”


Marin Software customers interested in utilizing Boost Media should contact their Marin Account Manager. For additional information on Boost Media, visit http://www.boostmedia.com To learn more about Marin Software, visit: http://www.marinsoftware.com.


About Marin Software


Marin Software is a leading provider of online advertising management solutions, offering an integrated platform for managing search, display, and social marketing. The company provides solutions for advertisers and agencies of all sizes, enabling them to improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions. Marin Enterprise, the company’s flagship product, addresses the needs of online marketers spending at least $100,000 per month on biddable media. Marin Professional delivers the same power and ease of use as Marin Enterprise, through an application designed for marketers spending less than $100,000 per month. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide, Marin’s technology powers marketing campaigns for over 1,100 customers managing more than $2.7 billion of annualized ad spend in more than 160 countries. For more information, please visit: http://www.marinsoftware.com.


About BoostCTR


BoostCTR has a laser focus on improving ad performance across search providers and social networks, and is the industry’s leading ad creative optimization firm. BoostCTR’s network of over 500 copywriting and graphic design experts consistently drive 30%+ improvement on ad performance, saving clients time and money while driving massive returns on ad spend. BoostCTR’s proprietary software identifies when ad creative needs to be optimized, triggers the network of experts to deliver new and improved results, and monitors the performance to continuously innovate.