For the Win of the Week, let’s turn to a new industry: hearing aids.


One of our writers, who goes by “wordisborn,” wrote the winning ad below:


BoostCTR Win of the Week - February 9, 2011


The winning ad won by a whopping 94%. The question is why.


Both ads use the same title text, so the entire increase in CTR came from the rest of the ad. Here’s why I think the new ad did so much better:


1. The new ad gets straight to the point. It has better symmetry and is easier to read. The first line doesn’t wrap to the second line. And the second line has two succinct statements.


2. The old ad wastes space with the phrase “for your needs.” Obviously, if you’re selling hearing aids, the people you’re serving need to be able to hear. It is unnecessary to say or imply this.


3. One of the biggest reasons I think the new ad won is because it focuses entirely on a single appeal. Let me explain…


I imagine the core market for hearing aids is older. They may be living on fixed incomes or drawing on retirement funds, so frugality is probably important to them.


It’s no surprise, then, that the winning ad finds three ways to emphasize frugality: “great prices,” “save up to 50%,” and “free shipping.”


4. Finally, the winning ad uses the phrase “Compare-Now” in the URL. This is the call to action that gets people to click and start shopping.


What I like about this ad comparison is that the winning ad doesn’t rely on creativity or a “big idea.” It just hits on the major selling points in clear and precise language.


And that, as we’ve so often seen, makes all the difference (in this case, a 94% improvement in CTR).


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ryan-healy About the Author: Ryan Healy is a direct response copywriter and BoostCTR writer. Since 2002, he has worked with scores of clients, including Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Pulte Homes. He also writes a popular blog about copywriting, advertising, and business growth.