We touched on it briefly in our last weekly roundup, but we felt like an accomplishment this big deserved its own post. The hard-working folks over at PPC Hero and Hanapin Marketing have been working on this invaluable PPC resource together, and it’s finally complete: The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score.


It’s a revamp of their older Quality Score Handbook (still containing the older information in the ‘history’ section), and is loaded with useful information conveniently broken down into chapters and sections for easy reading. It’s also all located on one page (no downloads required!) and is the perfect length to make for a manageable read in one sitting, with additional links to explore.


Can’t get enough Quality Score info? You’re in luck. The results of PPC Hero’s Quality Score Survey are in, with answers from participants ranging from one year of PPC experience up to seven. The charts in the results reflect participants’ rankings of the importance of 11 different factors that contribute to Quality Score. Definitely worth a look!