After finishing Thanksgiving dinner part 3 just a little bit ago, we are *this close* to passing into a food coma for the third time in less than 24 hours. Before we do that, though, let’s take a look at the latest news in PPC from the past week!


First, from Google….


There was precious little out of Mountain View over the past week, except for an article on how to be more productive with the AdWords interface.  This is a good time of the year to review and reflect on the prior year’s successes and build on them, so this article is quite timely. Some of the highlights from AdWords:


  • adding a “Keyword” column so you can see the exact term that matched someone’s search to trigger your ad
  • rolling out campaign diagnostics which run in the background and look for potential errors or conflicts in your account
  • updating many other features, including faster editing, automating with scripts, and more.


Now, from Bing Ads….


This post is a good wrap up of recently added features to Bing Ads for the month of November.  There were actually a LOT of big good changes at Bing this past month, including:


  • ad rotation
  • impression share
  • Quality Impact score
  • landing page by match type and more.


Here’s a video that also talks about the most recent developments at Bing Ads.


PPC News from elsewhere around the web…


PPC makes the New York Times!  This story introduces the masses to programmatic advertising, including the DoubleClick platform.


Search Engine Journal has a good article about mobile paid search and how to adapt your campaigns (and establish new ones) to optimize for these kinds of searches.  Tips include: capitalizing on “call now” and other “call” calls to action, separating mobile campaigns out, creating mobile friendly landing pages, and more.


Speaking of landing pages, this article on diagnosing and repairing conversion rate problems has a thing or two to say about engaging visitors via landing pages and your website in general.


Have you ever violated AdWords policy?  Many of us have accidentally, and the canned responses can be downright confusing.  This article asks “Can Google AdWords Customer Service Be Saved?”  What do you think?


Finally, it’s a long weekend, you must have an extra hour.  Use that time to go get Global Search Greatness Through Keyword Analysis!  It might be worth your while.


That’s all for now friends, have a great weekend!