BoostCTR CEO David Greenbaum was recently interviewed on Search Engine Land in Josh Dreller’s piece: A New Wave of Paid Search Tools Coming: Q and A with Boost Media CEO David Greenbaum. Since the blog is pretty new I think the Q and A over there serves as a great introduction to who BoostCTR is and what the service does, so definitely check it out if you’d like to learn more about the company. Here’s a look at the questions David gave answers to:

  1. Q: First, what’s the background of the founders?
  2. Q: How would you articulate Boost Media’s mission?
  3. Q: Who do you currently work with?
  4. Q: What is your SEM point of view?
  5. Q: Why ad copywriting?  Why do you feel this is such a critical need for advertisers engaged in search engine marketing?
  6. Q: So what kinds of SEMers could utilize your service?
  7. Q: Take us through how an advertiser would engage with you.  How does the process work?
  8. Q: And what kinds of results are you seeing?
  9. Q: You’re a fairly new company. What are some of the early pain points that you’re working out?
  10. Q: Where do you see this company in five years? What’s on the roadmap?

Thanks to Josh and to Search Engine Land for the opportunity to give the search space a bit more information about Boost!