And, we don’t mean the Super Bowl.  At 3 o’clock, the Puppy Bowl is on.  We are waiting with bated breath to see who wins!  How about you?  Actually, we’re just hoping that the puppies aren’t napping like they usually are.


Enough about sports and puppies, though.  Let’s talk about what’s really important – the wild wonderful world of PPC!


First, from Google….


Make sure you’ve downloaded any legacy Impression Share data that’s important to you.  Tomorrow, February 4th, Google is retiring this, which means that you won’t be able to see or retrieve it.  New Impression Share reports do allow for some pretty cool things, though, including:  distinct search and display columns, “hour of day” segmentation, filters, charts, and rules for IS, and device segmentation.


New Learn with Google webinars have been announced.  Here’s the lineup for the Build Awareness topics:


02/12 [Multiscreen] Brand Building in a Multiscreen World
02/20 [YouTube] How to Build your Business with YouTube Video Ads
03/05 [Social] How to Use Google+ and Make Social Work for You
03/12 [Mobile] Understanding Mobile Ads Across Marketing Objectives
03/27 [Wildfire by Google] The Call for Converged Media


Click here to see the rest, or click here to register.


AdWords for video has some cool new reporting features to make your reports “more beautiful”.  Features include:

  • reach and frequency metrics in your campaign reporting interface.
  • metrics displayed by marketing goals (brand awareness, conversions, etc.)
  • geo-mapping to see where your videos are being viewed the most


Now, fresh out of Bing Ads……


The newest product update says  “if you have different types of targets associated with a campaign and an ad group, both will be considered when targeting your ad.”  Check out the chart on this page to see how your ad targeting will be affected.


This post includes some good resources for people who are new to Bing Ads and want to learn more about SEM in general, and Bing Ads in particular.  You can also see SMB Essentials SeriesPPC for SMB Series, and SEM Beginner Series.


Bing Ads has a new whitepaper:  What Moves You? How Digital Marketers Can Drive Discovery, Engagement and Action in Developed & Emerging Markets.  There are a lot of interesting takeaways in the report, but you can also get an overview here.


And, from elsewhere in PPC land………


The Christmas Jump, Tablet Hump & CPC Bump: Recent Trends In Mobile Usage from Search Engine Land gives some really illuminating statistics about search behavior on tablets and other mobile devices based on data collected around the holidays over the past couple years.  Specifically, It pays to target to devices separately,  tablets will account for 1 in 4 paid search clicks by the end of 2013, and the tablet opportunity still exists.


Also from SEL:  The Lead Up To the Super Bowl: How Are We Searching? has Vanessa Fox breaking down how Super Bowl commercials affect online searches and behavior.  In talking about Search, Facebook, and Twitter, she says that (over the past few years) “we didn’t replace one activity with another. We mostly added these new behaviors to what we were already doing.”  What will this year bring?


Search Engine Journal predicts the winner of tonight’s game based on their social media followings.  Errrrr….not sure how scientific this is, but interesting nonetheless!


That’s it for now, folks. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!