With work piling up, Super Bowl parties to attend, and spring break vacations to enjoy, there is no time to waste feeling sick and staying in bed! You need the power and energy to accomplish your tasks and enjoy your time with family and friends. This week’s ‘win of the week’ capitalizes on promoting the product’s benefits to make the consumer intrigued to click the ad. Which ad would you choose?


Ad #1

Ad #1

Ad #2

Ad #2






If you chose Ad #1, you are CORRECT! Created by Boost Media Writer “aghaf9999,” ad #1 had a 258% increase from the original ad.


The Losing Ad – Ad #2

Although the original ad advertised the option for free shipping, it lacked communicating the purpose of the product. If the consumer has never heard of the product before, they would be lost in what the ad was offering and would move on to the next one. Ad #2 is also too demanding with the use of the term ‘shop’ twice.


The Winning Ad – Ad #1

Boost’s ad intrigues the consumer with information about what the product does and how it can benefit them if they were to click and buy. The call to action button publicizes the product is on sale, further attracting the consumer.


In the End

It is always better to intrigue your audience by clearly disclosing what the product is. By providing the consumer with the potential benefits, the ad will gain clicks naturally, rather than by pressuring them into clicking the ad and buying the product.


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