We certainly aren’t here to tell you which social media platform’s version of Stories is better—Instagram or Snapchat—but we think it’s important to understand what they’re about before pouring resources into them. Boost Media shares a few things to consider to help ensure your creative for Snapchat and Instagram Stories is jiving with your marketing objectives.

What are Stories anyway?

Stories on both Instagram and Snapchat serve as a way of sharing photos and videos with your followers—and any content you post disappears after 24 hours. This short shelf life helps keep your news feed from becoming cluttered and at the same time, looking fresh without the threat of over-posting. All photos and videos you post appear together in a slideshow format (a.k.a., your Story). Snapchat has 150 million daily active users; Instagram has 300 million.


How do Stories fit into your marketing plan?

For Snapchat and Instagram Stories, like with any other new tactic, we recommend taking a step back and answering questions like the following before getting started:

  • Why do you want to use Stories?
  • How do Stories fit into your business objectives and support your marketing goals?
  • How do Stories fit into your customer journey?
  • How will you measure the success of your stories?
  • What feeling do you want customers to have as a result of seeing your Stories?
  • What actions do you want customers to take after viewing a Story?


Generate creative for Stories to achieve your objectives

Snapchat and Instagram Stories provide an excellent opportunity for meeting certain business objectives. With its quick-paced nature and 24 hour shelf life, you have a fresh chance each day to connect with your audience.


1. Objective: Brand and product awareness

The supporting creative. Feature employees in Stories using your products “in the wild” and around the office to provide people with relatable, real-world examples of what your product is and why they want it.


2. Objective: Demand generation

The supporting creative. Include micro-interviews with influencers using or talking about your product or service to establish credibility and widen reach via their followers.


3. Objective: Nurturing customer relationships

The supporting creative. Make your customers feel like they are a part of your brand and your community by showcasing “behind-the-scenes” footage. Featuring things like the making of your product will help customers feel they have the inside scoop on your brand.


4. Objective: Direct response

The supporting creative. Use plenty of text overlays—especially for call-to-actions—to make it as easy as possible for users to soak up, retain and take action on your message.  


5. Objective: Purchase

The supporting creative. Include promo codes reserved only for those who watch your Stories. Exclusive promo codes make people feel rewarded!


Where to go from here

In a nutshell, we see having Snapchat and Instagram Stories as a big positive. As a brand, you can tell your story from the platform that suits your audience best, doing so in a way that helps achieve marketing goals like prospecting and nurturing. If you find yourself stuck on generating creative for Stories, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Boost Media is here for you!