It’s about that time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy have made their debut, reminding us that 2017 is just around the corner. Yes, the holiday season is upon us, but it’s also time to start planning your marketing budget, resources, and strategy for the new year! To get you into the right mindset, Boost Media shares considerations for planning your 2017 creative resources.


Cadence and freshness

With the rise of marketing via SMS and chat, improvements in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) field, and the growing popularity of brief shelf life mediums like Stories for Snapchat and Instagram, brands must be ready to have “continuous conversations with customers.” To feed these conversations, continuously producing great creative and content is vital.


Key takeaway: The demand is rising for fresh creative to be produced at an increasing cadence.


Shapes and sizes

There are many touch-points along a typical digital customer journey, requiring advertisers to adapt creative to numerous contexts. What makes for great creative in a Snapchat or Instagram story is not the same as what makes a great Facebook ad. Even within a single platform, the best results are determined by testing to answer questions like, “Which performs better: Vertical or landscape video?”


Key takeaway: Brands must be prepared to produce a greater variety of ad types and adapt to the unique needs and expectations of audiences on different platform types.

Translation and localization

If you’re managing international ad campaigns, localization is critical. Getting localized ad copy and creative is often a major bottleneck for campaign performance and expansion, even for large organizations with in-house localization teams. When launching English-only copy across multiple countries, it’s important to have local language and culture experts review your creative to ensure there aren’t any unintended messages portrayed via subtle nuances of language or imagery.


Key takeaway: When running international campaigns, localization is important, even for English language copy and creative.


Where to go from here

How do you keep things fresh without being repetitive? How do you generate enough creative without using an insane amount of resources? How can you ensure you’re really reaching your target audience when the window of opportunity on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram is so brief and ever-changing? It’s important to ask these types of questions as you do your creative resource planning and budgeting for 2017.


If you’re concerned about coming up short on resources, reach out to Boost to find out how we can serve as an extension of your in-house creative team and enable you to deliver creative with the variety, quality, flexibility, and scalability needed to meet the new creative needs of 2017. We even have a network of native foreign language creatives and copywriters who can help you localize your approach!