At this stage, Pinterest as a platform for video is a wide-open field of dreams with much speculation and few details about the potential opportunity for brands. Is it time to get in on the action and test Pinterest Video Pins? Boost Media shares its insights to help you decide.


What might you gain from Pinterest Video Pins?

Pinning videos on Pinterest can help you to get more traffic, increase video views, and potentially reach a new audience segment you wouldn’t otherwise connect with. Video Pins are particularly useful for driving mobile video views since 80% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices.


The other important thing to gain from pinning videos is insight: Digiday announced that Pinterest is rolling out tests of Promoted Video Pins with select advertisers. Now is the time to collect data on organic Pinning to understand the value of video on Pinterest and learn:

  • Whether or not videos produce a strong engagement among your Pinterest followers
  • How to produce great Pinterest-worthy video content
  • What your Pinterest followers consider to be great video content


What types of videos should you create for your Pins?

It’s important to consider the behavior and intent native to Pinterest when creating videos for this platform. Your followers are likely on Pinterest to discover new ideas and look for inspiration, information, or entertainment. Here are some ways to hone in on video content ideas:

  1. Look at the Video category page on the Pinterest mobile app to see what’s popular.
  2. Identify your most successful image Pins and produce video to expand on that.
  3. Remember that users will be taken out of Pinterest to play the video: Ensure the video thumbnail image and title stand on their own to encourage Repinning—you could even augment the video thumnail image by including a text overlay within your video.
  4. So far, no best practices have been established about ideal length of a Video Pin. Try pinning videos of different lengths.
  5. As with any great creative, include a clear call-to-action, but keep the aspirational mental context of a typical Pinterest user in mind.
  6. Send users to your YouTube page, or to a prominently displayed video embedded on your mobile-friendly site.
  7. If you’re testing Cinematic Promoted Pins, look at the types of content that have been successful in that format as a source of inspiration for Video Pins.


Where to go from here

With social video viewing statistics like Facebook’s reported 100 million hours of video watching per day, it’s not hard to imagine potential video viewing growth on Pinterest.
If enough brands build fantastic video creative and share it to the currently wide-open field of Pinterest possibilities, users will come to watch.