It’s no surprise that video is taking the digital advertising by storm. No matter what vertical, customer engagement is exponentially more positive to video and cinemagraph ad formats. Ad units have gotten more and more interactive over the years and now video is king. Video creative demand is soaring and online video spend is expected to grow a 31% over the next year. But video is not only growing but also evolving; here are the places to pay attention.

Social Media

Video spend is increasing because of one very key variable, we are all on social media, a lot. Scrolling through feeds and and targeting demographics is how many advertisers get traffic. Humor, political views, and fascinating information are all being communicated constantly through a video on Facebook or Instagram, which has caused advertisers to adapt. Facebook is the pioneer here, which receives over two thirds of all global social network ad revenue, but now other platforms are ramping up their video capabilities. Twitter has recently rolled out a pre-roll ad unit. Pinterest also launched promoted videos for advertisers. This trend on social media platforms will continue to grow over the next several years.


Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing categories in digital advertising. Almost a quarter of digital ad budgets are now allocated to mobile spending. There are a lot of new engaging ways that mobile has been growing especially in the space of playable ads. As this continues more technological advances in the mobile space will allow advertisers to reach consumers in more unique ways. Mobile advertising also is one of the best methods for telling a story or narrative that captivates the end user. Methods such as carousel, explainer videos, and canvas ads draw users in and keeps them engaged resulting in overwhelmingly positive response rates.

Brands can communicate via video

Marketing is about communication and persuasion to a customer. Before the turn of the century ad video syndication was exclusively marketed on TV, previews before films, and the occasional large screen display in places with heavy foot traffic (Think Times Square). Now this is no longer the case. As video production and editing costs become more scalable and accessible coupled with the analytics around increased engagement, video is the biggest bang for your buck if done right.