Boost Launches Boost Enterprise and SMB Services Bringing New Methodology to Ad Optimization

Enterprise-Grade Solution Enables Companies Large and Small to Increase Revenue, Save Time and Decrease Pay-Per-Click Costs


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–February 28, 2012–Boost, a performance-driven ad optimization solution for advertisers and agencies, today announced the launch of Boost Enterprise, an ad creation, testing and optimization service for large-scale advertisers. By combining human creativity with advanced technology, Boost Enterprise enables search-engine marketing (SEM) advertisers to maintain professionally written, high-performing ads across accounts while saving time and financial resources.


”Small, subtle word changes can have a dramatic impact on the performance of ad copy,” said David Greenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Boost. “But most SEM advertisers are too busy to spend the needed amount of time optimizing their ads. With Boost Enterprise, advertisers get professional ad creation, testing and optimization services on an ongoing basis, regardless of number of ad groups or SKUs. Account managers can focus on strategy and analytics while enjoying the built-in boost in revenue that comes with better ad copy and keywords.”


How Boost Enterprise Skyrockets CTR

On average, Boost advertisers experience a 30 percent increase in both click-through rates (CTR) and conversions per impression (CPI). Cost per click (CPC) decreases, on average, by three percent. Boost’s high-quality ad optimization drives better account performance through the following process, which is designed to scale:


  • Dedicated Account Managers offer a premium level of service that includes initiating account audits to target the best areas for testing.
  • Ads needing optimization are shown to Boost’s network of more than 500 expert writers.
  • These professionals compete to write custom ad copy aimed at increasing CTR and conversions.
  • Copy is tested at an accelerated rate using Boost’s proprietary algorithm.
  • Automated split testing enables advertisers to quickly and accurately identify their top-performing ads, as well as underperforming ad copy.


In a short period of time, advertisers receive professionally-written ads that are systematically and continuously optimized driving account-wide improvement.


Quality Copy Matters

“Boost Enterprise has generated improved click-through rates for our joint clients, as well as higher return on investment and conversions,” said Matt Lawson, vice-president of marketing at Marin Software, provider of the industry’s leading online advertising management platform. “Search-engine users respond to compelling and relevant ads in their search results, but writing those ads requires human creativity. With Boost, our clients have been able to harness external creative talent to write the best content for their projects, and realized exceptional results in the process.”


Boost has proven performance and optimization results across industry verticals, company sizes and categories, ranging from brands to direct sellers, retailers and service providers. Major partners and customers, including 99designs, Beachbody, CafePress and Marin Software, have successfully used Boost to optimize their ad campaigns.


Full-Service for Enterprises

Advertisers, agencies, networks and platforms use Boost to fill their need for high-quality ad copy, a critical and previously underserved niche in the SEM ecosystem. Boost Enterprise is currently available for all enterprise-level advertisers and agencies that spend more than $25,000 per month on SEM. Among Boost’s existing client base, advertisers have increased sales and lowered their media costs, and agencies have gained efficiency, increased client retention and elevated their bottom-line business objectives. Ad networks and search engines have increased ad sales and provided a richer experience to their searchers.


Big Tools for SMBs

Small- and medium-sized business can enjoy the benefits of Boost’s service on a self-serve basis. SMBs have access to Boost’s traditional platform, which includes:


  • Automated split testing
  • Click or conversion testing
  • Image and text services
  • Optimization by the Boost network of expert copywriters


In addition to these features, SMB customers also enjoy better ad performance.


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About Boost

Boost powers leading advertisers and agencies to optimize ad content across search and social networks. The first comprehensive and systematic approach to optimizing ad content, The Boost Method combines proprietary technology with its network of 500+ expert copywriters to deliver highly effective, performance-driven ad copy at scale. With a growing customer base of 200 leading SEM advertisers and $250 million in ad spend under its belt, Boost increases click-through rates and conversions by more than 30%. For more information, visit


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