Google is cranking out new AdWords features at an incredible pace, as we’ve chronicled here in the roundup, and the latest feature introduction to gain some attention is the ability to save and apply negative keyword lists to multiple campaigns. Interesting write-ups on the feature came from the Seer Interactive blog and the folks at Search Engine Journal.


In other news it seems as though search optimization is critical in marketing to students – interestingly the study concludes that students view Facebook as a purely social vehicle and go to Google et al for purchases. Despite that fact there are still plenty of people buying things after a click on Facebook, and the Stay on Search blog had a post offering up five Facebook advertising tips.


Meanwhile there was a lot of talk about ad text this week. Ephiphany Solutions came out with a great guide on when to use ad extensions. Search Engine Land had a great look at five bad PPC ads, and of course we did some ad analysis of our own with this week’s ad text win of the week. Seer Interactive also had an interesting post about a change to the way ads above organic results are being displayed. Melissa Mackey also contributed a great piece on Search Engine Watch about the AdWords display URL changes (check out Ryan’s take on why AdWords changed the display URL in the first place).


Elsewhere you had questions about AdWords making Adsense arbitrage OK, getting rid of keywords, an interesting case study, and a great read on improving conversion after the add to cart.


That’s all for this week – drop a line in the comments if you stumble on to any great PPC reads in the next seven days!