So last week there was a lot of talk about bid management, and while there’s still a bit on the subject in this week’s roundup we’re happy to announce that the roundup is 300% more ad text heavy this week! (That’s a totally made up percentage incidentally please don’t hold me to it).


We’ll start the ad text extravaganza with Boost CTR CEO David Greenbaum’s post on Search Engine Journal: Ad Text Evolution: Five Changes to Your AdWords Ads & How They Affect Your Bottom Line. David talks about the incredibly rapid pace of innovation on the AdWords platform regarding ad text and offers some actionable suggestions on how you should be reacting to the changes. On the Boost blog Ryan breaks down a whopping 98% improvement in this week’s win of the week.


Elsewhere in the blogosphere our friend Chad Summerhill had two excellent articles on the subject of ad text testing. One in which he describes in detail how he used symbols to get an 89% increase in conversion (excellent not just because he references our post on using symbols in PPC ad text as his inspiration). Chad also popped up on Brad Geddes’ blog with a great piece on visualizing your ad test results to boost confidence.


Chad and the team here at Boost weren’t the only people talking about ad text this week, either: Geordie over at PPC Blog had a great post walking through a split test he set up to measure the early impact of extended headlines. Comparing Geordie’s modest 13% improvements to the 98% bump enjoyed by this week’s win of the week and Chad’s results using symbols is a good reminder that sometimes the latest, flashiest thing going on with AdWords isn’t where your best ROI opportunities exist.


On the subject of focusing on older features with proven track records over the flavor of the week, I put together a simple reminder about three underused AdWords features over on the WordStream blog.


And as we mentioned, there was a bit more talk about the demise of bid management on the Click Equations blog: as usual the post itself and a comment from George Michie make the post well worth a read.


Speaking of typically high-quality posts, another member of the Click Equations team took a very in-depth look at PPC vs. SEO and how paid search can be your organic competitor. The way Google is structuring their SERPs and the evolution thereof is an important thing to stay on top of.


There were a couple of interesting posts on the Facebook advertising: namely why it’s so misunderstood and the introduction of sponsored stories.


On the subject of conversion optimization Jeff Sexton throws down an interesting conversion challenge judged by CRO gurus Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, the folks at Ion Interactive have a handy list of the 15 building blocks of post click marketing, and the Eisenbergs have a great keynote presentation on the future shopper and how to keep up with the evolution of your customers up on their blog.


And the feature of the week is AdWords releasing automated rules to all advertisers. Personally I’m fascinated by the pace of AdWords’ innovation: the reality is if you had released a PPC management tool a few years ago with the features you get out of the box from AdWords it would have been one of the most robust around (even now it does rival some platforms in terms of certain feature sets) but the complexity of the interface is the flip side to that coin. Will be interesting to keep an eye on.


Well that’s all for this week, if we missed anything drop a line in the comments!