There’s an interesting Quora thread about why there are so few PPC blogs as compared to SEO blogs. There are definitely a lot of great PPC blogs out there, but it does seem like SEO has more attention in the blogosphere and on social media. That’s why one of the coolest pieces of PPC news this week was the launch of PPC chat. Matt Umbro did a lot of legwork in organizing the event and there was a lot of great discussion and some of the sharpest minds in PPC – definitely worth checking out next week for those (like me) who missed it.


Elsewhere our friend Chad Summerhill’s blog PPC Prospector was named Search Marketing Madness champion in a much more exciting final four than the NCAA offered this year.


PPC Hero also had a great post on 8 AdWords automated rules this week, and Bethany Bey made another guest appearance at the WordStream blog with a great post on the difference between Bing vs. Google match types. I also talked about AdWords’ announcement that campaign experiments are being offered in the opportunities tab, and had a post on how to report on how to report on multiple conversion types, and Chad had a great post on analyzing year over year search query trends.


On Google’s own blogs they talked about event goals in the new Google analytics, and announced that they’re democratizing phone support for AdWords.


On the Boost blog this week Jeff told us why faces aren’t the only way to win with Facebook ads and Ryan walked through a subtle difference between two ads that lead to a massive (more than 100%) increase in click-through rate – the ad’s actual author weighed in in the comments with some additional color as to his process for picking a winner as well: great peek behind the curtains at the psychology behind subtle ad copy changes that provide big lift.


And elsewhere around the Web PPC Blog had a great example of AdWords being used for brand building, Google offered some additional information about their average position metric, and AimClear’s Merry Morud gave a great interview on Facebook ads.


That’s all for this week – let us know if we missed anything in the comments!


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