As I pulled together the links for this week’s roundup I realized it was suspiciously heavy on content from PPC Hero. This being a PPC roundup that’s not shocking as they consistently push out great content, but this week the ratio seemed unusually high. Then this post talking about increased efforts on the blogging front from the folks at PPC hero popped up and things seemed to make a lot more sense.


Some of the recent wins we took notice of included a nice post on looking at revenue across AdWords and analytics, the second in a two part series on Google vs. Bing targeting features, and their take on Google’s new ad setting.


I also offered my own 2c on the utility of Google’s new Optimize for Conversions setting over on the WordStream blog. It’s worth talking about a bit here as it has major implications for ad copy optimization. Here is one point I consider really important I called out in the post:


You aren’t able to associate a target CPA with this setting — in other words, Google will go and get you as many conversions as it can with no regard for how much those conversions are costing you. This is a huge one.


This is an important thing to note, so I’ll try to draw out the potential pitfall here with a simple example:


  • You can afford to spend $5 per sale on advertising and remain profitable
  • Ad A may drive 20 conversions at a cost-per conversion of $7
  • Ad B may drive 18 conversions at a cost of $3


Based on Google’s initial description of this feature we’re allowing google to pick Ad A, which actually causes us to lose $40, whereas Ad B would have netted us a profit of $36 dollars.


They’ve optimized us right out of $76!


Furthermore it seems the new AdWords feature that optimizes for conversions actually optimizes for conversion rate and not total conversions so proceed with caution.


In addition to the news about an additional ad text rotation setting there was a lot of great ad copy content around the blogosphere including a great post and video offering step-by-step instructions on testing low volume ad copy from our friend Brad Geddes (a common and often tricky problem!).


Right here on our own blog we continued the ad copy content fun with a great new Win of the Week showing what, how, and why a 94% boost in CTR occurred, and we debuted what we thing is a pretty cool new weekly blog feature: ads in the wild (basically a brief look at ads we find various places on-line, complete with a break down of what our experts like, don’t like, and would recommend testing). This week’s was a look at two different Facebook ad approaches.


Elsewhere around the Web Jim Jansen (whose work is always great and provides excellent insights into online advertising behavior) had a great post on the buying funnel and search. Shawn Livengood offered some quick tips on handy excel hacks for PPC managers. And if you’re considering stopping by SMX West for the first time Alex Cohen offered a great primer on how to get the most out of the event (the specifics don’t translated universally but it’s a handy guide for anyone new to almost any of the big search conferences).


That’s all for this week – we should have some fun announcements surrounding the blog and Boost in the next few weeks so drop in for future roundups and let us know if we missed anything!