If you missed it, this week we put together a giant list of the Best PPC Blogs – we got some great attention and excellent feedback around blogs to add and things to tweak to make it a more valuable resource, so many thanks to the community for checking it out and offering feedback. I’ll be adding several blogs to the list this week based on popular demand, including:

Given the tools we created for the post (a custom search engine, a slashtag, an OPTML file, and a Twitter list with all the bloggers’ Twitter accounts) it takes a bit of updating so I wanted to get the additional blogs out there for anyone whose PPC appetite hadn’t been satiated by the initial list.

Those tools did make this week’s roundup significantly easier (also worth mentioning: Trunk.ly is basically the greatest roundup tool ever created) so we have lots of PPC goodness for you this week.

Ad Text & Click Through Rates in the News

There were quite a few blog posts on ad text this week, including a plan to execute a flawless ad copy test (this version has a lot of steps, but you could always just skip them and let us do it for you :)). We published some great results on an ad text test of our own.  There was more news on ad format as well as AdWords ads got longer and Joanna Lord offered her take. Over on The Screaming Frog Matt Hopson had a great run down of some of Google’s recent changes and their impact.

In other news Google also announced that they would be offering a little extra bonus for advertising leveraging location extensions.

White Papers, Videos, New Software & More

Elsewhere around the Web the folks at Search Agents put out a new white paper on evidence based search marketing that’s worth checking out. In other alternative forms of content news I put together a list of 20 AdWords videos that will likely be very helpful if you’re new to AdWords. Also from the WordStream blog Chad offers some cool tips on how to use Tableu to analyze AdWords data.

The folks at PPC Hero are constantly churning out great PPC content, so their greatest hits from January is definitely worth a look.

I happen to love posts that have non-linkbaity numbers for lists, and Search Marketing Insider had a couple on the topics of different types of AdWords bids and tips for streamlining mission critical PPC tasks.

On the conversion optimization front, Scott Brinker offers a post-click marketing heuristic and the folks at Unbounce offered up a means for implementing a conversion optimization process.

And finally in miscellaneous news that I had trouble roping in to any of the other paragraphs, the Clix Marketing blog had more info on how general keywords can influence buying decisions, our friend Matt Umbro has some tips for getting over the PPC hurdle, and PPC Blog reminds us to beware best practices).

So what did I miss?