More new features on the Boost blog! This one is also slated to be a weekly feature – I imagine this “weekly roundup” will evolve over time – both with the space and with the Boost CTR company and product focus, but for now we’ll focus mainly on pay-per click marketing news. If you have ideas, suggestions, stories you think should be included, don’t be shy!

2011 Digital Marketing Predictions & 2010 in Review

Adexchanger reached out to the digital marketing space for their predictions for 2011 (something tells me this won’t be last 2011 predictions post you’ll read before the year is out). A highlight for me:
The pendulum corrects a little from the current over-dependence on “algorithmic advertising”… I love math in media as much as the next person, but the thought that media is all math is wrong. It’s about people with lives and soul and energy, and we need to have creative ideas and innovation in advertising to make meaningful connections with people. Getting the right message in front of the right person means that we have to make sure that we’ve put as much energy and innovation into the message as we think we have put into the delivery.

Nowhere is this math/messaging balance more apparent than in pay-per click copy writing.

Our friends at WordStream also had a great year in review piece recapping all things digital from 2011.

Rational Approaches in an Irrational World, PPC Brain Fatigue, & The Best PPC Post You’ll Read This Year

Andy Komack of Komarketing Associates has a great piece on being level-headed in your approach to PPC. One of the best examples of this is blindly bidding to position regardless of what’s going on in the auction: advice like “focus on your own business metrics” seems straightforward, but ultimately isn’t always heeded.

Also over on Search Engine Land Matt Van Wagner has a nice piece on PPC brain fatigue complete with some tips on how to combat it and some new insights you can gain into a campaign.

Last but certainly not least, Josh Dreller made the last post in his PPC academy series, which comes with a handy list of links to the other installments in the series. This series is a phenomenal resource for paid search campaign managers and anyone trying to get pay-per click specialists up to speed. If you’re either learning or teaching pay-per click, this is exactly the type of real-life inspired, totally comprehensive guide book you’ve been looking for.

Landing Pages & Last Minute Holiday Promotions from PPC Hero

The team over at PPC Hero rolled out a cool new feature on their blog: a video post series. The first covers landing page optimization, and they’re asking for future suggestions. They also had an interesting write-up on last-minute PPC holiday promotions – putting together a cost-effective PPC campaign quickly is always a challenge, and there’s some nice info here.

Exporting Your AdWords Campaign Experiments & New AdWords Tools

I had a guest post up over at the WordStream blog that covered how to get data from AdWords campaign experiments out of AdWords and into a spreadsheet so that you can do a deeper dive into your campaign experiments data.

Larry from the WordStream team also had a nice write up at Search Engine Journal on five new AdWords tools that can help you move the needle in your paid search campaigns.

Boost CTR Launches Their Blog

And of course the real news (and for evidence that it’s news, just check out the use of third-person in the headline) came right here with the launch of the Boost CTR blog. We put up a few posts this week and pointed readers to some activity we’d had elsewhere in the search space, including:

That’s all for this week. Please drop us a line if there’s anything else you’d like to see – either in the roundup or on the blog in general – and check out the BoostCTR twitter account, where we’ll also be becoming more active in the coming days and weeks.