I feel like I’ve pointed it out ad nauseum now, but the pace of innovation from the AdWords team has been pretty dizzying for a while now. This week was no different with advanced location controls, AdWords Campaign Experiments being available in reports, and media ads all rolling out. Google also made some updates to their partner search. The do have a reported 50 engineers working on the interface, so I suppose the rapid pace makes sense.


Elsewhere we have less Boost-centric news than last week, but we did have a great ads in the wild follow-up from Jeff and Ryan profiled a very cool win of the week featuring an interesting use of ellipsis in the ad headline. I also had a chance to review a cool new PPC tool called QueryMiner over on Search Engine Journal.


There were a few interesting industry announcements that weren’t quite so Google-centric as well with our friends at Acquisio announcing a partnership with Lionbridge to help tackle international paid search, Ion Interactive founder Scott Brinker was interviewed on the company’s Liveball platform, and Portent Interactive’s Elizabeth Martsen has a new PPC Ebook out. Elizabeth and the Portent blog made our best PPC blogs list. She frequently writes very thorough, easy to understand guides on a variety of paid search topics, and Small Business PPC is really an under-served market from a content perspective, so it’s likely well worth a read. On the topic of small business PPC, Robert Brady (whose blog is also on our Best PPC Blogs list) had a great article on Google’s Display Network over on Small Biz Trends.


That’s all for this week – what did we miss?